Discover How You Could Get The Love of Your Life Back… Even If Your Situation Seems Beyond Repair!
I’ll hold your hand and reveal to you a universal formula that has helped thousands of couples reunite amidst seemingly hopeless circumstances.

* Individual results may vary

From:  Tony Ryan

Dear Friend,

I know the overwhelming amount of pain and sadness you’re going through right now. Heartache is a devastating experience, especially when you are the only one willing to make the relationship work.

But I don’t want to belabor on and on about how much pain you feel right now because we know it all too well…
So I want to just take a minute and let you know everything is going to be fine. How can I say this? Because I know how you feel. After a 3 year relationship to a woman I was getting ready to propose to… she said she needed “space” and shattered my heart in the process. The feelings of loneliness and longing were almost too much to handle after the breakup.

Getting her back seemed like a hopeless endeavor… The possibility of us reuniting was an entertaining idea that gave me hope amidst the pain I was feeling… But that’s all it was… an idea… a thought that sometimes made me even lonelier knowing it wasn’t a reality…

But the following months after the breakup… I uncovered a formula that broke-down the VERY blueprint of how two people could fall back in love… It was a shocking discovery that allowed me to reunite with my ex and get my life back in the process…

I know YOU are going to be okay because in this letter I’m going let you in on my secret…

How a Hopeless Knucklehead Like Me Got The Love of My Life Back

Empty tissue boxes, plastic wrappers, and crumpled fast food bags surrounded my floor as I laid on my couch staring emotionless at a blank television screen. I realized that I had successfully gone through the complete series of The Sopranos, Sex and the City, 24, and any other TV series I could get my hands on. I had watched everything and anything that could help take my mind off the painful reality of life.

It was bad… and so was my body odor. Come to think of it, I hadn’t showered, slept, or gone out of the apartment IN DAYS! I scanned the walls of my my empty, lifeless home and thought to myself, “How did life get like this?!?”

We broke up over 3 months ago and I still was struggling with it. The woman I was ready to spend the rest of my life with DUMPED ME… It was one of the most devastating experiences I’ve ever gone through. I didn’t even know I was capable of loving another person the way I did her… and to know that she didn’t feel the same about me was crushing…

All the dreams and plans of my future with her fell apart, leaving me lonely and confused. I was handling the breakup pretty bad… maybe you can relate…

Do You Have The Same Symptoms I Did?
  • Replaying movies in my head of how things used to be (smelling her scent, holding her in my arms, seeing her smile) only to wake up in an empty bed ALONE and LOST
  • Getting through the days took so much effort… I would have to FORCE myself to roll out of bed every morning.
  • Constantly checking my phone and email to see if they called or left a message… Man I hated my phone at times… it’s NEVER shy to let you know you have 0 missed calls.
  • Instead of Dr. Phil… my therapists were Dr. Pepper… McDonald’s…. Dunkin Donuts… and any another junk food that could temporarily take away the pain I was feeling.what
  • The things in life I used to enjoy didn’t seem to have meaning anymore.
  • NON-STOP thinking of my ex… It’s like she secretly hijacked my head or something… Constantly rehearsing what I could have said, what I will say if I see her again, and analyzing why she really left me.
  • Enormous feelings of depression.
  • AND…. the mere thought of my ex being PHYSICALLY INTIMATE with another person was enough to make me sick to my stomach.

The aftermath of my breakup was almost too overwhelming to cope with…

So there I sat, alone in my apartment, wallowing in my sorrow when I glanced over to my coffee table and saw a little box hidden beneath a sea of candy wrappers. I realized it was the box that carried the ring I was supposed to propose to her with. I had almost forgotten about it after the breakup. I opened it up and when my eyes caught the sparkle from the diamond ring, a flicker of hope emerged from beneath me.

See there was something inside of me that CLICKED at that very moment. I guess you could say I had a turning point, a light-bulb moment if you will… I realized that…

Couples reunite ALL THE TIME, even amidst seemingly HOPELESS  situations!

And why couldn’t I do the same? How many times have you heard of lovers passionately reconnecting after breakups caused by unfaithfulness, loss of interest, jealousy and worse yet – even violence. I’ve constantly seen with my own eyes people taking back liars, cheaters and abusers. Now I didn’t fall into any of those categories myself, but if those cases could be salvaged, why couldn’t mine? What were they doing, that I couldn’t do myself?!?

I bet you personally know a few couples that have gotten back together. I’m sure you even thought to yourself, “I can’t believe they’re taking their ex back after they did… (fill in the blank)!!!”

Girls have taken back guys and guys have taken back girls. Lovers have been falling back in love since… well… FOREVER! Couples from all walks of life reconnect EVERY DAY, regardless of their situation – no matter who they are, where they’re from, and what kind of relationship they had, couples just seem to reunite. I was DETERMINED to do the same…

So I thought to myself, “What the heck separated the couples that got back together, and those that stayed broken apart? If wanted my ex back in my life, I knew I needed to discover the pieces to this puzzle.

How I Stumbled Upon a Blueprint That Changed My Life

So I went on a mission to do whatever it took to uncover this blueprint to getting an ex back. I practically LIVED in the library for weeks consuming every book imaginable that dealt with the subject. I spoke with relationship experts in this field for professional advice. I spent THOUSANDS of dollars on books, tapes, dvd’s and anything else that remotely related to getting an ex back. I picked the brains of friends, friends of friends, colleagues, and anyone else I could find that successfully reconnected with an ex. I wasn’t going to stop until I unlocked the code that so many couples seemed to be unconsciously doing.

I slowly started to bring everything together, piece by piece, and amidst the extensive research I conducted… I stumbled upon a HUGE discovery. I noticed…

There are predictable patterns of behavior that almost ALWAYS occur when couples reunite.

Of all the cases I studied, the same trends kept occurring over and over again. Patterns kept re-emerging and popping back up. I learned that many of the reunited couples did the same things, at the same time, in the same order that led to their success! It’s as if they were following some sort of blueprint…

The crazy part was they didn’t even know they were doing it! They were COMPLETELY oblivious to the steps that occurred, which allowed them to fall back in love. And the crazy part was it seemed like it was a process that could be learned to get an ex back.

Uncovering this blueprint was fine and dandy, but it didn’t mean jack squat to me if I couldn’t personally get MY ex back. So after months of grueling research to unlock this method, it was time to set the wheels in motion. So I gathered my notes, and piece by piece started to implement the material…

Unconventional Tricks & Techniques

Man let me tell you… I was SOOO skeptical of this stuff. All the successful techniques and tricks I uncovered in my research seemed so counter-intuitive to me. The blueprint was so unconventional, and NOTHING I would have done naturally. In fact, most of this stuff is something that wouldn’t have even crossed my mind. But I said, “What the heck? If it worked for them, let’s see if it will work for me.” I put my trust in the blueprint.

And you know what happened? IT ACTUALLY STARTED TO WORK FOR ME!!! I did the exact steps laid out from the blueprint and within 1 week she was finally calling ME to hang out…. And within 2 months, my ex gave me the “we need to talk” speech… except this time it was about us getting back together!

I was shocked with the results I was seeing. It was almost FREAKY how well this stuff actually worked for me. She went from not returning my phone calls… to asking me if we could give it another try. I can’t even put into words the incredible amount of JOY I felt after getting my ex back. And you know what? It was the little things in the relationship that brought SO MUCH happiness back into my world.

Just Imagine What I Felt…
  • Being able to talk for endless hours about everything and anything again. To be able to think out loud because you know they won’t judge you
  • Seeing their smile again.
  • Being able to hug and hold them again.
  • Smelling their scent again.
  • The feel of their hand when they’re holding yours.
  • They way they kiss your forehead.
  • The funny story’s, the goofing around, the inside jokes.
  • Having fun again, smiling again, laughing again.
  • Being back in that special little world you we created where nothing else matters.

I was finally able to experience all of these things I longed so much for… it’s as if my life was complete again!!! The endless hours of grueling research to uncover the blueprint was all worth it, because she was back in my life.

I boxed up my research because why the heck would I need it anymore, I got my ex back! I really didn’t have any need for it now that me and my girlfriend were back together…

So everything was fine and dandy until a few months later…

Me and my girlfriend were cuddled up on the couch watching a movie when the phone rings. It was my friend Lisa, she was crying hysterically… Her boyfriend told her a few weeks earlier that “he needed some space…” Lisa was DEVASTATED with the break up and came to me for advice.

I felt horrible. She loved him so much and I understood the painful emotions she was experiencing at that moment. I wouldn’t want ANYONE to go through such a painful experience. I didn’t know what I could do to take those feelings away…

But then I remembered the blueprint!!! I almost COMPLETELY forgot about it over the last few months but I thought, “If it worked for all these people (including myself), maybe it will work for Lisa too!” So I unpacked the box, blew off its dust, and mailed it to her…

I told her I wasn’t a relationship professional, or was even trying to be. Heck, I just wanted to help the poor girl out because I knew how much her boyfriend meant to her and I didn’t want her to feel the pain I once felt. So I told her “Look, I stumbled upon this blueprint to get your ex back. I don’t know how the heck it works so well, but it just does! Follow this methods to the tee and maybe it’ll work for you too…”

So 2 months go by and I get a phone call from Lisa. As soon as I heard her voice, I could tell she was a CHANGED woman. She applied the method step-by-step and now she was back with her boyfriend like the breakup never even happened. She was so excited about getting back with her ex, she told everyone she knew about how well the blueprint worked.

This Is When Things Got Crazy…

I started getting calls and emails from friends of friends, distant relatives, and random people I’ve never even met before asking me if they could share the blueprint with them.

So here I am, minding my own bees wax when along comes my friend letting the word out and now EVERYONE and their brother is asking me for advice! I became a mini-celebrity in my town which kind of freaked me out. I was more than happy to share my knowledge with them because I knew EXACTLY what they were going through.

In fact, I felt OBLIGED to help… They were making so many mistakes that were K-I-L-L-I-N-G any chance they had to get back with their ex. I couldn’t let this happen in front of me. Maybe you are falling victim to the mistakes they were making…

Are You Making These Mistakes?
  • Trying to convince your ex why you two should still be together.
  • Begging and pleading them to take you back.
  • Buying your ex gifts in order to win your love back.
  • Drunk dialing/ texting.
  • Promising your ex you will change for good this time.
  • Apologizing for everything and anything you’ve done in the past.
  • Trying to make your ex feel bad about the breakup so they come back out of pity.

Now I wasn’t going to let them make these mistakes right in front of me… especially when I had the blueprint that could help them  to get their love back.

And after sharing my secrets with those that came to me for help, the WEIRDEST thing happened… the blueprint started working over and over again.

Here’s How You Can Get YOUR Ex Back…

The amount of people coming to me for help was getting a little overwhelming. I mean I love helping people and all, but I was getting phone calls at odd hours of the night from random strangers, which was a little FREAKY…

I just wanted to get back to my normal life and enjoy the time with my girlfriend I just won back. So I decided to put my blueprint into an easy to follow eBook. I laid out the step-by-step structure of the blueprint… detailed with techniques, methods, tricks, and EVERYTHING I learned.

I named it The Ex Back Blueprint.

I figured this would be the best way to help as many people as I could, while being able to FINALLY get back to my regular life…

Again, I AM NOT a professional relationship expert or guru of some kind… nor am I trying to be.  I’m just a regular guy that happened to stumble upon a method that helped me and others that I shared it with.

This Is Something You Can Put To Use Immediately…

So right now you’re probably thinking, “Okay this sounds great and all, but bottom line… does this stuff actually help?” And I would be thinking the same thing if I were you. I mean c’mon… a “love blueprint?!?” So instead of rambling on and on about The Ex Back Blueprint, I’d rather giving you a sample… something you can take home with you and start using immediately…

Unlock The Ex Back Blueprint Now (Instant Download) - Only $47


Success Stories

“Finally Back With My Girlfriend.”

Hey Ed, I just wanted to let you know about the good news… I’m finally back with my ex-girlfriend!!!!! We were together for 3 years, broke up for 2.5 months and now we’re back together. The thing I really got out of the blueprint was the unconscious blueprint technique to get my head on straight. I did everything laid out in the book and it actually worked. I’m beside myself! Thank you so much…
- Kyle
* Individual Results May Vary

“Told Me Yesterday He Wanted To Take a Second Shot.”

I just wanted to email you and let you know the system worked for me! I was a little apprehensive about some of the techniques, and it did take a little bit of time, BUT I FINALLY GOT HIM BACK! He told me yesterday he wanted to take a second shot… Thank you veryy much!
- Lynette
* Individual Results May Vary

“I Can’t Believe It Worked!!!”

ohhhh my goddd!!! my boyfriend just called me an hour ago get back together! i can’t believe it worked!!!!
- Cassie
* Individual Results May Vary

“My Life Is Finally Back Together Again.”

Dude… it worked! I bought your book about 3 months ago and followed every step you suggested. Last week she calls me up telling me what a big of a mistake she made and how she wants to get back together. I was like “Wait, whhaaaaat?!?!?” My life is finally back together again. You’re da mann!!!
- Justin
* Individual Results May Vary

“I Still Can’t Believe The Results I’ve Been Seeing Already…”

I just wanted to take the time and write to you how much your book helped me get my boyfriend back. I followed your blueprint after a very painful breakup of a 3 year relationship (it was my first long term R). The time right after the breakup was one of the most difficult things I’ve gone through in my life. One day I googled “how to get a boyfriend back” and low and behold your site showed up. I was actually pretty skeptical but I followed your plan and day by day, things got better. About 3 wks ago, my ex sends me an email asking if we could meet up….since then we’ve hung out probably 4 times. I’m not at the end your blueprint yet, but I still can’t believe the results I’ve been seeing already… Thanks so much! I’ll keep you updated on the progress. : )
- Caroline
* Individual Results May Vary

“We’re Finally Back Together Better Than We’ve Ever Been!”

….well anyway I just wanted to say THANK YOU for all the support and guidance you’ve give me. after the breakup, I was in dire need of it. we’re finally back together better than we’ve ever been!
- Lonnie
* Individual Results May Vary

“She Emailed Me a Week Ago Telling Me How Much She’s Missed Me…”

Me and my girlfriend have been apart for such a long time, I didn’t even think she thought of me anymore. I reluctantly used a few of the techniques in the blueprint (which btw… is stuff I would have never thought to do) and it actually worked!!! She emailed me a week ago telling me how much she’s missed me during this whole time. I was floored! We’re meeting up tomorrow… wish me luck!
- Chris
* Individual Results May Vary

“Best Investment I’ve Ever Made.”

Let me just tell you this… I was completely skeptical of this book (an any other “get your ex back” manuals for that matter). I really thought I would was going to waste my money.

Ohhhhh was I wrong. We’re finally seeing each other again (not officially together yet). But man, I was actually surprised how well some of this stuff actually works. Best investment I’ve ever made! Thanks brutha!
- Dominic
* Individual Results May Vary

“Within 3 weeks, My Ex Was Calling Me Again.”

Ur book is amazing… Some of the concepts in the manual really blew my mind. most of the techniques were so counter-intuitive to me, but I put them to use right after reading it and within 3weeks, my ex was calling me again. We’re finally back together and I really owe it to your book for getting me here. Are you sure you don’t have a master degree in psychology or something?!? thank you sooooo much!!!
- Kay
* Individual Results May Vary

“OMG!!! It Actually Worked…”

OMG!!! It actually worked… I didn’t think it would but I said exactly what you told me to say over the phone and we’re meeting up on thursday! I’m pumppeedd!
- Ian
* Individual Results May Vary

A SHOCKING discovery I learned about the blueprint was how well it works. Sure, I know everyone’s relationship is unique in and of itself… BUT the underlying principles and structure of how couples reunite is very similar. And here’s the best part… once you know what these principles are, you can use them for yourself to help you get YOUR ex back!

Here’s what you’re going to come away with after reading the The Ex Back Blueprint.

Immediate Results With The Ex Back Blueprint
  • REVEALED: The famous Ex Back Blueprint. This blueprint is the path to help get the love of your life back. I’ll share with you how two ex-lovers can fall back in love.
  • Find out the single most important piece of The Ex Back Blueprint. This discovery is literally the bread and butter of the blueprint. It’s so counter-intuitive, yet surprisingly potent.  (page 6)
  • Learn the mistakes the will usually KILL your chances of getting back with your ex. It hurts me to see so many couples that are not getting back together because of this one little error. The funny part is it’s so easy to avoid – I’ll tell you exactly what to do to prevent this from happening. (page 15)
  • Discover things women crave in ANY relationship… This played a major role in why your relationship fell apart… and it probably fell right under your radar… I’ll teach you how to fulfill this one desire to help you get her back! (page 14)
  • EXPOSED: (bar-none) A unique method that will allows you to remove all the CRAZY that’s going on in your head after a breakup. After using this powerful routine, it will help you approach your ex with a clear mind! (page 34)
  • Discover reasons why your relationship failed in the first place. I’ll bet it’s not what you initially would think. After learning the core cause of the breakup, you’ll be able to heal your relationship for good! (page 13)
  • The little-known technique to help emotionally recover after a tough breakup. This single technique removes feelings of pain and sadness you have inside in order to win your ex back. (page 34)
  • What to stick in the mind of your ex… having them think about you for hours on end! This ingenious method will allow you to implant an image of yourself in the mind of your ex. (page 37)
  • The Unconscious Blueprint Technique – Discover the POWER of your subconscious mind and the critical role it plays in how you react to a breakup. Learn how to leverage your subconscious to help re-attract your ex into your life. (page 46)
  • The tiny adjustment in your thinking that helps become the attractive person your ex fell in love with, not the lonely wreck they want to stay away from. (page 11)
  • how to initiate contact with your ex. There are TONS of mistakes that could go wrong with the first contact and I’ll give you contingency plans for scenarios you could bump into. I’ll tell you what to say and how to say it to help you get your ex on a date. (page 60)
  • The Confidence Walk – How to get yourself in the right frame of mind before seeing your ex. I see so many people going into dates with feelings of desperation and fear which can KILL the opportunity they have to re-attract their ex. This potent technique helps give you the confidence you need! (page 66)
  • Think your ex isn’t attracted to you anymore? Is the chemistry between you two fizzling out? I’ll reveal a method that can help flip your ex’s attraction switches for you back on again … (page 71)
  • Discover the right location to meet up with your ex. I’ll tell  you specifically what to say, what to do, and how to act in order to have your ex These tiny changes in your behavior could make all the difference… (page 68)
  • Did your man leave you? Discover what men want in a relationship… and guess what? It’s not sex! Fill this inherent void in his heart and you could rekindle the relationship! (page 14)
  • The truth about rebound relationships…. Should you be in one? Is your ex in one? How the heck do you approach the situation if they are? I’ll answer these questions and more! (page 53)
  • Why contact your ex? This little trick will flip the balance of power back back to your side… an innovative method. (page 71)
  • The surprising way you can transform your home, into a living space that will help bring your ex back into your life. This is a little-known technique  that seems so counter-intuitive, but will have you saying “Well why the heck didn’t I think of that?”
  • And much much more…
I’ll Personally Coach You Myself and Tell You What To Do Each and Every Day…

I’m also going to give you access for 14 days to my personal coaching service called The Inner Strength Club.

The Inner Strength Club is a premium coaching program I’ve developed to work with students one-on-one on a daily level until they get their ex back.  I’ve noticed that when I’ve personally worked with students and guided them day by day, telling them what to do and more specifically what NOT to do when implementing the blueprint into their own life, more couples were reunited!


Here’s a view inside The Inner Strength Club

Again, the blueprint is VERY counter-intuitive, and although I lay it out in crystal clear detail in book, there are a ton of forks in the road you might hit when implementing it into your own unique situation.  Every aspect of The Ex Back Blueprint is very strategic and the timing of each tactic is critical.  In order to make sure you employ each technique in the right time and manner, I’m going to personally work with you to make sure you’re staying on track.  This is essentially what The Inner Strength Club is all about.  I’m literally going to hold you by the hand and work with you until you get the love of your life back in your arms…

As a member, you’ll receive daily lessons and instructions from me outlining what to do to get your ex back.  Members also have access to  articles and exclusive interviews I’ve conducted with some of the worlds top relationship experts.

Special Offer:
30 Day Trial to The Inner Strength Club Personal Coaching Program

Again, an added bonus to going with The Ex Back Blueprint, you’ll also receive access to The Inner Strength Club, a personal mentoring service for a full 14 days.  If you like being a member of this coaching program, do nothing and your membership will automatically renew at the member rate of $24.95 a month.  If you decide The Inner Strength Club isn’t for you, you can cancel out at any time within the 30 days and be billed nothing out of pocket… the rest is yours to keep!  After the 14 day trial period, you will be charged $24.95 per month until you cancel your Inner Strength Club membership.

Unlock The Ex Back Blueprint Now (Instant Download) - Only $47


If you’ll let me, I’d love to share with you the blueprint I uncovered. The pain after a breakup is devastating and I wouldn’t want anyone to go through such an experience. And like my friend Lisa, the best way I can help you is through The Ex Back Blueprint.

But hey… I’m sure you have a ton of question running through your mind such as the following…

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I use the The Ex Back Blueprint and it doesn’t happen to help me?
It you try out The Ex Back Blueprint and for some odd reason you either a.) don’t get your ex back or b.) just aren’t satisfied with the contents in the book… by all means contact me for a full refund. In fact, I encourage you to do so. I wouldn’t want to keep your money if you weren’t 100% satisfied with the book.

What if my ex is another relationship?
If your ex is with someone else right now, don’t worry! It’s assuring to note that the vast majority of rebound relationship don’t end up working out. The Ex Back Formula contains a plan for these types of scenarios. If you’re not satisfied, I encourage you to use the 60 day money back guarantee!

Is Ex Back Blueprint For Both Guys and Gals?
Yes! The Blueprint applies to both men and women!

Can’t I just find this kind of information on the internet for free?
There are a ton of free resources on the internet that deal with getting your ex back. You should browse the web yourself and check it out. However, I created The Ex Back Blueprint because when I broke up with my girlfriend, I couldn’t find an in-depth, step-by-step guide that covers most aspects of retrieving an ex lover. I wanted a resource that told me steps a-z to get my ex back. In fact, without understanding the complete structure of how two couples fall back in love, you could actually hurt your chances for success.

Also, most resources on the internet were based off abstract ideas. I wanted methods that worked in the real world, not ideas that only looked good on paper. That’s why I went on my mission to find out what those certain patterns of behavior were behind the re-attraction process.

There are so many “Get Your Ex Back” books, how is yours any different?
Another reason I did my own independent research to get my ex back was because all the “get your ex back” books I bought and tried gave basically the same information! Trust me… I bought all I could get my hands on. I’m not going to badmouth them or anything, but what I will say is I ended up reading the same exact concepts over and over again.

I’ll let you in on their “secrets” to save you both time and money…

“Don’t contact your ex for x amount of days and improve yourself in the meantime.”

Could you believe that? I spent so much money just to hear the same advice recycled. Now this may work for some, but heck… I wanted specific techniques, methods, and tools I could put to use that would REALLY get my ex back.

What is The Inner Strength Club?
The Inner Strength Club is a personal coaching program I’ve designed in order to help each and every one of my students personally to get the most out of The Ex Back Blueprint.Through this program, I will work with you on a daily basis giving you the necessary instruction in order to properly implement the blueprint into your unique situation to help get your ex back.

As an added bonus to The Ex Back Blueprint, you get access to this premium service for 14 days.  If you like being a member of this coaching program, do nothing and your membership will automatically renew at the member rate of $25.95 a month.  If you decide The Inner Strength Club isn’t for you, you can cancel out at any time within the 14 days and be billed nothing out of pocket… the rest is yours to keep!  After the 14 day trial period, you will be charged $24.95 per month until you cancel your Inner Strength Club membership.

You can cancel your membership at anytime by emailing me at tony [at] goldcoasterinc [dot] com or calling our customer support line.

Will I be able to view the eBook work on both a mac and pc?
Absolutely! Since the The Ex Back Blueprint is in PDF format, you can view the book on both mac and windows.

Will it be safe to use my credit card?
I will process your credit card through is a trusted company for credit card transaction online. Your credit card will be processed directly to their site, therefore I will not have access to your private information.

This is a touchy subject for me. What will the transaction show on my credit card statement?
You have nothing to worry about. The purchase shows up as “goldcoasterinc”. I respect your privacy and completely understand how personal this topic is for you.

How long do I have to wait to get my copy after I order?
Once your credit card is processed you will be sent a link to your email address, which will take you to our customers page where you will be able to instantly download The Ex Back Blueprint.

Picture What Getting Your Ex Back Could Bring To You.  Maybe You Would…
  • Be able to get a full night’s rest.
  • Have more energy during the day.
  • Have a proper appetite and enjoy the food you used to love.
  • Be fully functional at work.
  • Feel complete again.
  • Be back to your regular self in front of family and friends.


Our 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason you are not satisfied, you’ll have a 100% iron clad money back guarantee for 60 days.

“Order and download The Ex Back Blueprint. If it doesn’t help you get your ex back within the next 60 days or you are not satisfied for ANY reason, I’ll be happy to refund your money in full with no questions asked (in fact, I’d be embarrassed to keep it). Just let me know and I’ll refund your full purchase price immediately.

But… the book is yours to keep no matter what, as a “thank you” gift from me just for trying it!

So the book’s yours no matter what.

My Best Piece of Advice

If I can give you one piece of advice that I learned throughout the experience of getting my ex back, it would be to… TAKE ACTION. Honestly, I know the overwhelmingly painful feelings of breakup and I wouldn’t want anyone to go through the same experience. Whether it be from my eBook or any other resource you can find out there… JUST START MOVING!

Because the harsh reality is that time isn’t on your side. Every minute you wait is usually another minute your ex will grow further and further apart from you. The very substance that glued the two of you together could slowly die over time…

So what I want you to do is click the order button below. Download The Ex Back Blueprint and I’ll take you by the hand and reveal to you what you can do to help get your ex back in your life…

Unlock The Ex Back Blueprint Now (Instant Download) - Only $47


To your success and happiness,

Tony Ryan

PS – Don’t wait to download right now. The longer you wait, usually the less likely you are able to get your ex back. With each passing minute that goes by, their feelings for you could be fading away.

PPS – You’re only moments away from discovering the blueprint that could help two lovers fall back in love. Remember you have a full 60 days to try it out and if you aren’t happy for any reason simply request a refund.